“In Rezone Health Center you will feel on top of the World.”

The most distinctive property of Rezone Health Center is certainly its perfect location on the foot of Mount Ida and the natural and healthy opportunities the nature offers. As well as the top standard services offered for your physical and mental health the doors of peace and entertainment are also open for you in Rezone Health Center. The culture tours, trekking and picnic activities you can enjoy with the magnificent landscape of Mount Ida will offer you memorable moments with your beloved ones. You can attend the workshops designed in Rezone Health Center and get tips from the specialists about lifelong health and peace.

1Cultural Tours

“When you attend the tours recommended by Rezone Health Center, you will be able to find the chance to see the magnificent and legendry beauty of Mount Ida and the wonderful cultural and historical places surrounding those.”
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1Picnic at Kaz Mountains

In the magnificent forests of fir, Turkish pine, Austrian pine, beech, chestnut, oak, Brazil wood and plane trees you are free to feel Zeus and Aphrodite accompanying you at your picnic tables.
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You can enjoy our trekking activities organized in the unique and perfect nature of Mount Ida together with your beloved ones while breathing the fresh air and taking photos of these memorable moments.
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Rezone Sağlıklı Yaşam Merkezi olarak misafirlerimizin sadece merkezimizde bulundukları süre içinde değil, sonrasındaki yaşamlarında da bedensel ve ruhsal sağlığını düşünüyoruz. İşte bu amaçla düzenlediğimiz workshoplarımıza katılarak bedensel ve ruhsal sağlığınız hakkında uzmanlarımızdan bilgi alabilir, merak ettiğiniz soruların cevaplarını uzmanlarımızdan öğrenebilirsiniz.
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1Business Center

Rezone Sağlıklı Yaşam Merkezi’nde bulunduğunuz süre içinde işlerinizi aksatmadan yürütebilmeniz için özel olarak tasarlanmış Business Center’da işlerinizi gönül rahatlığıyla yürütebilirsiniz.
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